At CD Batteries, we provide the following services


  1. Test, on your vehicle, your starter motor

overall performance.

 2.diagnose starter motor faults

  3. Remove and refit your Starter


  4. Provide Starter Motor repairoptions and fit

to your vehicle

  5. Provide a Reconditioned Starter Motor and fit to your vehicle

CD Batteries are Experts in alternator supply,reconditioning and repair. We stock many units to suit local and imported vehicles and all come with our12 month guarantee.

A reconditioned unit saves you 30% on average

Buying a new starter motor or a new alternator can be expensive - by reconditioning existing units we can save you on average around 30% compared to the price of a new unit. CD Batteries can recondition starter motors and alternators for cars, agricultural, marine, and classic car use. We also supply replacement parts for some units, such as alternator regulators, alternator rectifier packs, and starter motor solenoids.

Cost savings, without loss of quality

All units are fully tested under load using our professional test rig, and provided with a 12 month guarantee.

Our units are reconditioned from original manufacturers parts (OE). Beware that some after-market new units, while cheaper than manufacturer supplied units, often won't perform as well or last as long as units reconditioned from original parts. Our units often out-live after-market parts for that reason.