What is an airbag?
Airbags are known as Supplemental Restraint Systems (SRS) and are not a substitute

for the use of seatbelts. For the particulars of your vehicle’s system you should consult

your owner’s manual. If airbags are fitted, the steering wheel cover and/or dashboard

cover will usually have the words ‘airbag’ or ‘SRS airbag’ molded into them.
An airbag is a fabric bag that inflates rapidly when required from the steering wheel

centre or dashboard. SRS airbags have been in use for about 20 years.
The SRS airbag inflator contains a solid chemical gas generator. The solid chemical

s are safely stored in a metal chamber inside the SRS airbag module. Each inflator is

sealed to keep out moisture. SRS airbags are designed to deploy in moderate to major

crashes only and should not deploy in minor crashes
CD Batteries is a professional repair centre with an advanced infrastructure, a professional team technicians and experience with SRS airbag systems. Having dealt with airbag modules for many years our company obtained the unique practical repair solution providing you with the best service ever.

​SRS Air Bag Module Repair

SRS Airbagsand air bag modules/computers are designed to only work one time. Airbags need to be replaced with non-deployed airbags. The blown airbag COMPUTER can now be REPAIRED. Dealers can clear the fault and error codes from computer modules, but not the hard crash data or repair and replace resistors or capacitors. We are now able to repair blown air bag computer modules. "Computer, derm, sensor, or brain as it is sometimes called." We clear both hard and soft codes. Most makes and models can be repaired except flood or fire damaged.

We diagnose and repair all SRS airbag systems!
BAirbags Over the last few years, the installation of airbags in new cars has become more common with most manufacturers now fitting at least a driver’s side airbag. A number of models also have passenger and side impact airbags as optional extras.